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May 22, 2024, 10:02 pm

‘KSA recruited 60 Nurses from Bangladesh and planning to recruits more’

  Ambassador of Saudi Arabia Essa Yousef Essa Alduhailan in Bangladesh said ti that, Saudi Arabia recruited 60 Nurses and midwives and planning to recruits more. He Said, Actually, We read more

Malaysia takes strong stand against forced labor and human trafficking

  Malaysian government has taken strong stand against forced labor and human trafficking. Employers in the country who commit forced labor offenses will be severely penalized under revised labor laws.

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High cost, main bariar for safe migration

  Bangladesh is holding a stronger position with the help of it’s remittance sector. And to send this remittance, its fighters of this sector have to travel to the foreign

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Italy to hire skilled workers from Bangladesh

  Italy has agreed to take skilled workers from Bangladesh in the construction, tourism and shipbuilding sectors. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed this by a press release. The first

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