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31 Bangladeshi going to Malaysia by 'Zero cost migration' - World Migration
May 24, 2024, 6:45 am

31 Bangladeshi going to Malaysia by ‘Zero cost migration’

NSN, Special Reporter of WM
  • Update Time : Monday, August 28, 2023,
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This workers are really fortunate. Because due to the high demand of the labor market in Malaysia, the cost of migration is around 4 to 5 lakh taka from Bangladesh.


But here, these workers are going to this dreamland without paying any cost to build their future. Workers are very happy to go Malaysia by ‘Zero cost Migration’ policy.


Sunday afternoon a farewell program held at the Bureau of Manpower Employment and Training-BMET office conference room for these workers.


At This time, passports, visas and immigration clearance cards handed over to these workers by Md. Shahidul Alam NDC, Director General of BMET, MD Ruhul Amin Shawpon Chairmen of Catharsis International along with BAIRA Leaders.


The chairman of Catharsis International Limited’ which sent these workers to Malaysia at ‘zero cost’ MD Ruhul Amin Shawpon said this is their second batch. And he expects more demand to come in the near future.


Director General of BMET said, after going there workers must have to follow the law & enforcement of Malaysia to build Bangladesh’s image.


The concern persons of this sector informed that the process of sending several hundred of more workers to Malaysia under private management through ‘Zero Cost Migration’ program is going on soon.


Earlier on 19th of June for the first time, 20 workers went to Malaysia with ‘Zero Cost Migration’. And those workers also went to Malaysia under the supervision & management of ‘Catharsis International Limited’ and ‘JG Al Falah Management’.

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